BBQ Camel



1 whole camel

1 whole lamb

20 whole chickens

60 eggs

25 lbs. brown rice

5 lbs. black pepper

5 lbs. pistachio nuts

5 lbs. pine nuts

5 lbs. Persian (English) walnuts

3 lbs. dried apricots

lb. cinnamon

salt to taste (??)

100 gallons of water


Skin, trim, and clean camel (including hump), lamb, and chickens. Boil until almost tender. Cook rice 30 minutes or until tender and fluffy. Sprinkle with cinnamon. Hard boil and peel eggs. Stuff chickens with eggs, rice, nuts, and apricots. Stuff lamb with stuffed chickens, adding more rice, nuts, and apricots. Stuff camel with stuffed lamb, adding remaining rice, nuts and apricots.


Broil over large (did they really need to say this?) charcoal pit 3 hours or until tender and brown.


Decorate with pomegranates.